Peck and Article!

See this? I sent it to my old, favorite roommate for his birthday. It’s his face, and inside it’s the character he created, Rico Sanchez. I’d put up a picture of him wearing it, but the bum hasn’t sent me one yet. To be fair, it’s his senior year at Carleton, so life is definitely not relaxed. Here’s the design on its own:

It is, of course, highly influenced by this famous cover by Charles Burns. I hadn’t seen it in a couple years, but as I was drawing this piece, it was definitely in the back of my mind.

When I looked at the Burns after I’d printed Peck, I was surprised at how close the placement was. I guess it had a bigger effect on me then I thought it did!

I wrote an article for Hooded Utilitarian that generated a good amount of discussion! If you haven’t yet, please click over!

Other than that, nothing much is going on. Working on more shirts, and comics for Skuds. And comics of my own, of course. I’ll post pictures, someday. I just transitioned to Windows 8, and am getting used to that.

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