First Retail Shirt! (UPDATED)

Here it is – the first shirt I was asked to make for retail sale. The idea was to make a shirt that looks like those airbrushed shirts you see in flea markets. Behold the Honey Boo Boo shirt:

Of course, I did feel like this was the definition of selling out, so here’s the alternate design, for those savvy art hipsters.

Ross Elfline, my fantastic ex-art history professor, pointed out that I had accidentally re-created Asger Jorn’s L’Avantgarde (Ne) Se Rende Pas!

I don’t have links for either shirt yet, but when I do, I’ll post them (not that I make any money off their sale, but still, I figure I might as well.)

In other news, Hellen Jo’s Deep Cut arrived, and it’s super beautiful! I think she’s easily the most artistically elegant of my comic book idols. I’m always looking for things to steal from her artistic methods.

UPDATE: Link here!

Amazon link:

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