Jacob Canfield is a graduate of Carleton College with BA in Studio Art and Psychology. He’s primarily interested in drawing comics, but likes making other kinds of art, too. He’s currently employed by the Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company in Ann Arbor, MI. You can see his LinkedIn account here. You can read his comics criticism here.

Hoob Han is the funnest man in the world. He is also two piles of plaster sitting on a table. He came to Jacob on the verge of sleep after a quintuple comics all-nighter.

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      • Thank you! I pulled about 5 all nighters in a row to finish my art comps, and Emily was trying to get me to go to sleep. I was pretty much hallucinatory. She said, “You are the funnest man in the world,” and I said, “No! I can see the funnest man! His name is Hoob Han and he is two piles of plaster sitting on a table!”

  1. Hey Jacob! Just dropping by to say I’m in love with all your work and therefore will be periodically dropping in to see what your website has to offer.

    Thanks so much for being an inspiration.

  2. Hi Jacob,

    I remember appreciating your artwork in high school, and am impressed with your blog. Creativity is so rare—and you obviously possess it in considerable quantities.

    Hope to be able to buy your comics in the future.


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