First Retail Shirt! (UPDATED)

Here it is – the first shirt I was asked to make for retail sale. The idea was to make a shirt that looks like those airbrushed shirts you see in flea markets. Behold the Honey Boo Boo shirt:

Of course, I did feel like this was the definition of selling out, so here’s the alternate design, for those savvy art hipsters.

Ross Elfline, my fantastic ex-art history professor, pointed out that I had accidentally re-created Asger Jorn’s L’Avantgarde (Ne) Se Rende Pas!

I don’t have links for either shirt yet, but when I do, I’ll post them (not that I make any money off their sale, but still, I figure I might as well.)

In other news, Hellen Jo’s Deep Cut arrived, and it’s super beautiful! I think she’s easily the most artistically elegant of my comic book idols. I’m always looking for things to steal from her artistic methods.

UPDATE: Link here!

Amazon link:

Goog Redux

Remember that goog I was working on? That one was rejected, but here are the final ones I gave them. I sent these in ages ago – don’t know why I waited so long to post them.

Here’s the same guy as before.


Probably my favorite.

A cat.

I also did tone and lettering for my friend Skuds, here’s a sample page from that story:

He’s so good. it was really fun to work on this.

Read the full story here!

In other news there was a break-in at work:

So I mocked up a commemorative shirt:

Jerry is one of the owners of the company.

Otherwise, things have been good. I spent a lot of time today drooling over Hellen Jo’s art (which is something I do periodically.) I bought Jin and Jam #1 in LA two summers ago because it looked cool, and I’ve been a big fan ever since. She has a new book on her site, and I bought it today – pretty excited about it. I need to make more comics. I NEED TO.

Some Non-Comics Art I’ve Done

It occurred to me that I haven’t really uploaded any of my non-comics art before, so I thought I would, in case it’s interesting to anyone.

Here’s an acrylic self portrait from early Carleton, when I was still learning to paint.

My first pixel portrait.

My preferred pixel portrait.

Oil self portrait, which doubled as the cover to Issue 28 of the Carleton Graphic

A sculpture I made senior year – a simplified, Bridgeman-inspired arm repeated 5 times.

Here’s a shot of its base, which I was very happy with. The whole things was connected by some pretty delicate dowels and springs.

The hand was contoured to fit a hand about my size, giving it a pretty satisfying feeling.

Here I am, shaking hands with my creation.

This was an installation piece I did. Another “self portrait” – this one less flattering than my usual. A person would come up to these two vending machines in the basement of a campus building. Next to these machines are a couple chip/snack machines.

Between the machines you see a pair of legs?

To the right of the machines you see some chip bags/loose change scattered around.

You circle toward the back, increasingly curious.

This is what you see! (Yes, he is anatomically correct.)

His face, with flash.

This was the sketch for that piece.

Sadly, I was only able to keep the head. Here’s Andreas of Pussy Goes Grrr modeling it.

Otherwise, I’ve been reading a lot. Highly recommended things I’ve read recently:

-Prince of Cats by Ron Wimberly

-Infinite Kung Fu by Kagan McLeod

-Adele Blanc-Sec by Jacques Tardi

-Nonnonba by Shigeru Mizuki

(Re)read Fantagraphics’ first volume of Segar’s Popeye reprints – incredible cartooning.

Peck and Article!

See this? I sent it to my old, favorite roommate for his birthday. It’s his face, and inside it’s the character he created, Rico Sanchez. I’d put up a picture of him wearing it, but the bum hasn’t sent me one yet. To be fair, it’s his senior year at Carleton, so life is definitely not relaxed. Here’s the design on its own:

It is, of course, highly influenced by this famous cover by Charles Burns. I hadn’t seen it in a couple years, but as I was drawing this piece, it was definitely in the back of my mind.

When I looked at the Burns after I’d printed Peck, I was surprised at how close the placement was. I guess it had a bigger effect on me then I thought it did!

I wrote an article for Hooded Utilitarian that generated a good amount of discussion! If you haven’t yet, please click over!

Other than that, nothing much is going on. Working on more shirts, and comics for Skuds. And comics of my own, of course. I’ll post pictures, someday. I just transitioned to Windows 8, and am getting used to that.

Goings on…

It’s been a while!

I’m now employed, working for the Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company in Ann Arbor MI. I’m doing sales and managing their Ypsilanti storefront, which is a lot of fun. Lots of day to day art stuff, which is all I could ask for in a full-time job. Lucky lucky lucky.

I’ve been so quiet on the comics front, I know! I’m halftoning a story for Skuds McKinley, and still working hard on a story that Owen wrote. It’s my plan to get a small anthology out soon, because I can’t not do comics. I’m working on another article for Hooded Utilitarian too, which will be better written and less choppy, so look out for that.

In the meantime, don’t forget, you can look here at the comics I’ve done in the past! And if you haven’t already, look at the new issue of the Graphic, done since I graduated! I’m so happy and proud of them.

I’ll post soon, I will, I will, I will.

The evolution of my caricatures, 2010-2012

As a followup to my last post, I decided to finally do something I’ve planned to for a while: a short retrospective showing my improvement and developing technique over the three years I worked at Como Town. I’m choosing just three pictures from each year, to show a brief sampling of the adjustment I went though. Remember, if you want to see more caricatures, just click the caricatures tag!


Behold the first caricature I ever made! When I walked into the caricature booth at Como Town late in the spring of 2010, I told my future boss that, rather than bring a portfolio, I planned to draw him then and there. This mediocre drawing was the product of that ballsiness, but it worked – he hired me.

My good friends Scotty and Lisa stopped by early on, giving me a chance to draw people I felt comfortable with. One of my better drawings from that first summer.

By the end of 2010 I could occasionally make a drawing I was very proud of, even if it wasn’t that caricatured. You’ll notice a lack of color in the drawings I’ve posted from my first year – it’s not that I didn’t do drawings in color, it’s that none of them were particularly competent.


My colors had improved enough by the beginning of summer, 2011 that I wasn’t embarrassed as much by them. I’d been practicing my watercolors, which I found to be quite similar to airbrush.

I started thinking more about light sources, and tried to make the personality of my subjects show through a bit, even kids.

By the end of the summer I started experimenting a bit with marker. This drawing of my coworkers allowed me to loosen up a bit. Notice the relatively simple teeth, something I moved towards a lot this summer as well.


By the beginning of my third summer I was comfortable composing my subjects and making more ambitious backgrounds. I’d gotten a lot faster.

Scotty and Lisa came back my third summer, allowing me to do a follow-up drawing. Looking back on it, I wish I had done some things differently for Lisa, but it still serves as a nice comparison.

By the end of this summer I was doing lush, full-color drawings using a combination of marker and airbrush. Although I still have a long way to go before i consider myself on the level of caricature artists I really admire, I am happy with the progress I’ve made.


Looking through all the caricatures I’ve done, this one consistently jumps out to me as one of my favorites. I don’t know if I’ll call it my absolute favorite, but it’s definitely one I remain very proud of.


As always, thanks for reading! I’m all settled in Ann Arbor, and will post more comics stuff soon, I promise.

The evolution of the lunch sign and on-the-job self portrait

I drew caricatures at Como Town Amusement Park in Saint Paul, MN for three summers. On a typical day I’d start work at about 10AM and end around 7 or 8 in the evening. Sometime in between those times I’d need to stop drawing to have lunch. If my boss was there with me, I’d just go, letting him take customers as I ate. But if I was alone at work I’d have to make a sign assuring my customers that I’d be back. These signs became one of my favorite aspects of my job. Here, for the first time, is a collection of every lunch sign and self-portrait I photographed over the three summers I worked at Como Town. I hope seeing the huge development is as interesting to you as it is to me. It’s admittedly self-centered, but why have a blog if not to make posts like this once in a while?

The first lunch sign I took a picture of, quite likely one of the first I did. This is from the summer of 2010. Still learning to draw babies at that time, I’d say.

Pretty crude, and self-consciously appealing to my child customers.


This one kind of features me, but is still pretty timid.

Now this one has some element of what the lunch signs would become. There’s a kind of silly self-portrait, but man, that technical weakness kills the execution.

This one represents a level of caricature I was absolutely unable to reach my first summer at Como. I was able to loosen up for the doodle, but do this with a customer? No way!

You can definitely tell that I was still struggling with the airbrush. And who can remember how to draw that darn “S”? Not me.

This is from the beginning of summer, 2011. A small editorial cartoon about the loudness of the music played right by my ear all day long.


This was pretty standard, day-to-day. Quick and cute.


A step in the right direction: a rare, longer, self-portrait. Of course, the summer of 2011 was much busier than this summer was, so there was less time for these longer things.

Aha! Silly and in color! A great contrast to that clown one. I’d come a long way.



There’s a longer one! And some experimental marker, too!

THE lunch sign, for a while. Here’s the b/w…

And the color. This was done right at the end of summer, 2011. I was pretty proud of it!

Doodle from this summer! And so it begins!

The first lunch sign from summer, 2012! Stiff and relatively uninspired, but getting there.

End of day doodle.

Hunting the Morrissey fish. Happy step in the right direction.

On a sandwich safari.

Lots of detail in this one! The days were hot and slow.

I jumped right into markers for the lunch signs. It was my way to test them, and eventually, perfect them before I inflicted them on my customers.

I guess that model of sandwich really reads as ‘lunch’ to me.

Melty portrait of my boss and me. It was hot this summer, OK!?!

Trying another elaborate method, this time aping Virgil Finlay.

Keeping with the sci-fi theme, and the bizarre, limbed sandwiches as well.

A quantum leap forward! This doodle helped me discover the technique I would use for the rest of the summer.

At this point I was trying to out-weird myself with each new drawing.

Very strange.

Working my lovely girlfriend into this one.

One of my favorites. Silly, strange, and nice colors.

A drawing specifically for the nice ladies in the business office, who would sometimes get doodles at the end of the day with our receipts.

An early-in-the-morning doodle, designed to drum up business and test colored pencils. I ultimately decided they took too long.

Another deliberately distorted one.

My parents ended up with this one, although I’m not sure if it was to their taste. Trying to push the violence of the distortion while staying safe for a children’s amusement park.

Likely the most complex sign I’ve done so far. Huge and time-consuming on a slow Sunday morning.

A super quick one on a busier day.

Another pretty quick one. I was getting worried at this point, “will I ever do elaborate ones again?”

I didn’t need to worry too much. Another slow day, another drawing for the ladies in the office.

The sole parody, this is my from-memory parody of Secret Cities’ Pink Graffiti album.

Another favorite from late in the summer, the upside-down nose.

And here was my final one, a pretty subdued exaggeration of my glasses.

And here’s a nicely scanned version of Lunchzilla, if you need a new desktop background or anything.

As always, thanks for reading, and leave comments!



Boo! Good morning, beautiful!

It’s been alright, and my summer is nearing an end! I’m heading for Michigan, specifically Ann Arbor, in a few days! Here’s what I’ve been up to:

My from-memory Secret Cities album cover parody. Man, I love that band.

My good friend, Ngoc.


Self portrait with nose upside down.


My roommate Dan Peck’s rendition of me looking for music videos about Detroit to send to my girlfriend on Facebook.

I’m packing and things, but life is good! Maybe I’ll post again before I move, but maybe not. We shall see!

Marker and Goog

I’ve been drawing, and it’s been pretty busy! Less elaborate lunch signs. Here we go!

Pretty darn happy with this little b/w.

Zombie theme! With yours truly as the zombie.

My roommate came to the park!


Quick coworker sketch.

Today’s favorite!

Plus, I’m doing caricatures (well, hopefully more than one) for the big Goog! Here’s an employee doing important work in service of customer satisfaction (CSAT):

Aaaand that’s all for now. Reading A Drifting Life again and freaking out like always.