End of summer, beginning of fall

Haven’t updated this in a while! Points of news:

-I proposed to my girlfriend (she said yes, thank goodness). Exciting!

-Jupiter Jaunts is chugging along – we have ten posts so far, but Owen is a quick writer, so there’s a lot for me to draw!


-Those .gif files I mentioned a while ago are also coming along well! I’m excited to show them off soon – they’re a bit of a secret at the moment, but they’re so close to completion I can taste it. Here’s a super sneak preview of one of them:


-I have a tumblr now; I have no idea how much I’ll be using it. Feel free to follow it, if that’s the kind of thing you do.

-I turned twenty three! Here’s me looking like a birthday nerd:jacobis23


Infinite Corpse, and announcing Jupiter Jaunts!


First things first! I submitted the above strip to the very cool Infinite Corpse project! If you want to see my strip in context, click here!

Also, I’m excited to announce Owen Alldritt and my ongoing project: Jupiter Jaunts. It’s a weekly webcomic, updating Saturdays. I hope you’ll read it – there’s very little on the site right now, but give it time! It’ll just keep growing.

Jupiter Jaunts 00

I’ll close with this.



Thanks for reading!

Goog Redux

Remember that goog I was working on? That one was rejected, but here are the final ones I gave them. I sent these in ages ago – don’t know why I waited so long to post them.

Here’s the same guy as before.


Probably my favorite.

A cat.

I also did tone and lettering for my friend Skuds, here’s a sample page from that story:

He’s so good. it was really fun to work on this.

Read the full story here!

In other news there was a break-in at work:

So I mocked up a commemorative shirt:

Jerry is one of the owners of the company.

Otherwise, things have been good. I spent a lot of time today drooling over Hellen Jo’s art (which is something I do periodically.) I bought Jin and Jam #1 in LA two summers ago because it looked cool, and I’ve been a big fan ever since. She has a new book on her site, and I bought it today – pretty excited about it. I need to make more comics. I NEED TO.

Taking it easy today

So, today is my day off. I have a bit of a headache so I’m relaxing and applying for jobs. Here are a few caricatures I’ve done recently:

Friendly couple

A quick sketch of a kid my boss was drawing – I like the direction this took.

Sketch of my boss. I’m especially happy with those teeth. Geometric simplification is the route I like to take!

Unflattering self portrait, trying more of that simplification and exaggeration.

Lunch in space! Apologies to Virgil Finlay, of whom I was thinking as I drew this.

I created a LinkedIn account for myself, which you can see here if you’re interested. Not a ton going on otherwise, which is alright for my day off.

I’ve been reading a lot of Justice League International, the Giffen/DeMatteis/Maguire tour de force from the late 80′s. I love it so much. Excellent writing, excellent art.

As always, I’ve been obsessing over my favorite comics writer/artist, Kyoko Okazaki. I need to finish Tokyo Girls Bravo, which I am reading in French, as I have had to read all of her books. Come on, Fantagraphics! Get some English translations out!

A little web searching once again reconfirms that shitty comic book movies are not at all limited to America. A live action version of Helter Skelter is being released, and its trailer makes me so upset. Such an orgy of maximalism and quick cuts (and terrible music). Totally the antithesis of Okazaki’s work; a movie adaptation of Helter Skelter or any of her books would be so much more carefully done.

That’s it for today, I have some dishes to wash and a floor to vacuum.

Where are the comics?

If you know me at all, you may wonder why my site has not featured any comics so far. The most basic answer is that this summer has not been¬†particularly¬†profitable, so I’ve been trying to make shirts and look for/apply to jobs during my free time. I have been planning and working on comics, though, so as soon as things stabilize a bit I will have some here. Until then, here’s a couple of my old favorites, and I encourage you to look at my archives at Carleton Graphic!

Habit Forming (click to expand)

I Woke Up With Laser Eyes (click to expand)

Monster Comix (click to expand)

I’d especially encourage you to read James Dreams of Power (click to read)

Click to read!

I’d also encourage you to read the Samantha Back stories I wrote for my final art comps at Carleton, keeping in mind that they’re three isolated stories in a greater narrative I’m still working on.

Click to read!

Please feel free to leave comments and feedback!